Matthias Rolke

Matthias Rolke

Salesforce DevOps Consultant

Hi, I'm a freelance consultant and engineer specialised in DevOps for Salesforce.

My journey with the Salesforce platform started in 2011 as a developer at a Salesforce Consulting Partner.
Following my passion for automation, I quickly got into doing more and more Metadata deployments
and finally I was taking care of the Development Lifecycle.

In the meantime I finished my studies in computer science dedicating my master's thesis to this topic in 2015.
To broaden my horizon I started with part-time freelancing and have been doing it now full-time since 2018.

I'm a big believer in Open Source Software 💙 and I'm giving back many of my tools to the community.
Some of them are used by large enterprises and even landed in commercial products, and I'm really delighted to see that.

Based in Munich (Germany) I carry out most of my projects remotely, although I like to meet with people for real.
What I don't like are long email threads - and coffee with sugar - therefore I hope you prefer working with an issue tracker, too.
I am patient in analysing problems and solving challenges, and so far I have come up with solutions and workarounds
that have proven themselves.

You can look up my Salesforce Certifications and Salesforce specific profile at trailblazer.me/id/matthiasrolke
and view an extract of my projects I have completed for some clients.

How may I support you?
I'm curious and looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Harald Mayer

Director of Product Development @ IPfolio

Working with Matthias is a blast. He for sure counts to a tiny group of people with ultimate knowledge on all aspects of Salesforce deployment. He has played a key role in designing and establishing a world class Application Development Lifecycle that makes developing and releasing new versions of our AppExchange listed Managed Package smooth and easy, and has solved countless tough DevOps problems for us. Additionally, he is a great person to work with: highly responsive, extremely reliable and always thinking one step ahead.